What is PTTTTP™?
PTTTTP Stands for: Plan The Trade, Trade The Plan™
Founded in October 2016, officially launched January 1st, 2017! Our community and family of traders now has members in over 38 countries worldwide and continues to grow each and every day!  Our number one goal is to PROFIT CONSISTENTLY and teach members our proven, successful trading techniques!

• We believe in trading with a specific strategy that is proven to work! We trade with a pre determined plan specific to the stock and sticking to that plan no matter what. We NEVER "baghold" positions.

• We teach you the "Proper Setup" style of trading for entries and exits. When implemented correctly, you can experience a style of trading where you are "NEVER UNDERWATER" after entering the stock and can enjoy immediate gains.

• We believe that there is no such thing as selling too early, only too late! Profits are profits and we must take them when present! We scale out of our positions on the way UP, selling into strength without panic.

• We believe in teamwork and are constantly helping all members track their trade plans and give advice 24/7 on the proper course of action.

• We believe in answering all questions IMMEDIATELY and never leave anyone hanging, wondering what they should do. With over 20 years experience our analysts and moderators provide educated analysis on the recommended course of action you should take regarding a position with unbiased advice.

• We believe in helping others LEARN and EARN and achieving CONSISTENT, profitable results. If you have any questions please let us know! We off a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL so you can see if we are right for you! With over 85% win rate on 'proper setup' day trading alerts many members sign up for lifetime after only 1 month of access!