We have the following subscriptions available for our website/chatroom.  Once you complete the checkout you should be automatically redirected to our Discord Team PTTTTP chat room server where you can create a Discord user name if you don't not have one already.  Don't have discord?  It only takes a few minutes, use this link https://discordapp.com/ to register now!  Our discord chat room server can be accessed through the web (In any web browser), downloaded to your Mac/PC, or on your mobile device!  

*Don't have discord?  Only takes a few minutes,  Use this link https://discordapp.com/ to register now!  Discord can be used in a web browser (no download required) and is also available for download to your PC/Mac/Mobile device.

We also accept VENMO using the checkout below:
This is for ELITE MEMBERSHIP ACCESS ($44.99/mo) only.

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