Watchlist 3/22/2017


Just wanted to post the $SPY and $QQQ as the markets had a rough red day today breaking key support levels - the broader markets could be in for a few more red days so use caution because all equities could be heading lower...


· $PULM      ***BEST TO DT ONLY**
FLOAT= 16.73M  
Had a great day today blasting through the 50SMA at $3.08 on on massive volume! The float traded nearly 1.5 times over with 22.8M shares traded, I am really liking the daily chart and that is why I held overnight.  Now to be honest, this is VERY RISKY because of the low float but with an RSI of ONLY 56 this has so much more room to run if it wanted it.  THE KEY HERE TO SEE CONTINUATION WILL BE VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME! Wait did I say VOLUME?! Yes VOLUME, if this can trade more than 22.8M shares tomorrow it will be a runner I'm almost certain of it, when stocks are going higher we must see INCREASING VOLUME day after day otherwise that tells you buyers are not there and being a small float that will cause people to get impatient and sell, causing the stock to bleed slowly but surely lower and lower.  Now this could do what it did yesterday after a nice pop and have a low volume, "quiet inside day" which I will probably continue to hold as long as the massive support at $3.50 remains which it was there all day today.  As far as the upside, WATCH FOR BREAK OF $4.10-->$4.75 INITIAL PT, if $4.75 resistance target breaks expect higher, so break $5.00 (psychological resistance) PT2 is expected at $5.40 (larger resistance level), trade safe and best to DAYTRADE ONLY (even though I love the daily chart and may swing trade this), take profits when present and **DO NOT GET STUCK IN THIS STOCK** IT IS VERY VOLATILE AND HAS A BID/ASK Spread that is sometimes +/- a few cents, be smart - use stop losses and always trade with a PLAN!

· $HOS     
FLOAT= 32.11M  
Fantastic day today.  Must always remember where a stock has come from during a recent move.  I did hold overnight but it is good to be aware that this stock was nearly $3 just two days ago.  The daily chart does look fantastic with a DOUBLE BOTTOM and a "V" reversal bottom now setting up, the RSI is 45 and usually as the RSI approaches 50 that level tends to act as RESISTANCE, so this will need INCREASING VOLUME to continue through RSI 50.  Very beautiful possible "Proper Setup" here, WATCH FOR BREAK OF $4.35 --> KNOWING THAT ALL THIS HAS TO DO is BREAK $4.50 and it should take off to resistance target of $5.00 if the volume can continue, possible swing as well, break $5.00 the PT becomes $5.50, then you have the 50SMA at $5.80 and a GAP FILL PT of $6.00+ 

· $IDXG ***DAYTRADE ONLY***     
FLOAT= 4.21M  
In my opinion this stock is trouble and I will most likely NOT take a trade in this one BUT it COSTS NOTHING TO HAVE ON A CHART!  If it gives me a proper setup I will get in and get out as quick as I can with profits.  Up in the after hours session for what looks like no reason at all other than low floats tend to run on slow/bad/down market days or when there are not many day trading opportunities.  This stock is very dangerous with a MICRO FLOAT of only 4.21M, I recommend only DAYTRADING this stock and taking profits when present, BUT with that being said it does have potential IF MASSIVE VOLUME COMES IN THE STOCK, if this can trade 5-10million in can run and trade very nicely, otherwise It trades very slow and is an AVOID.  **RE-EVALUATE pre market**  Basically looks strongest if $2.65 can turn into support tomorrow, to the upside WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $3.00 -->$3.25 Initial PT knowing that if this can clear $3.30 on VOLUME this can squeeze to a GAP FILL PT of $4.00 - trade safe and use CAUTION - DO NOT GET STUCK IN THIS STOCK

· $IPI    
FLOAT= 56.76M  
After holding up very well from Dec-March this went red for nearly 20+ trading sessions in a row bleeding down thru the 200SMA $1.56 basically DOUBLE BOTTOMING out around $1.20; a very nice "V" bottom reversal pattern has now formed slowly but surely after 3 straight green days in a row.  RSI 43, WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $1.69-->$1.80 INITIAL PT, clear that and $1.96 50 SMA will be tested above, slow mover but if volume can increase again a 4th day in a row this should go green again tomorrow otherwise watch for it to consolidate or go Red2Green off of 200 SMA SUPPORT (strongest to see that hold) at $1.56

FLOAT= 70.22M  
I really hate to say this but this stock chart is really starting to remind me of .... $CERU, the RSI is extremely high at 84 and not only that, the stock has dipped and continued to stay up high BUT ON NO VOLUME, decreasing volume is often a BIG RED FLAG, with that being said this chart will remain on WATCH but we must always plan the trade and take RISK vs REWARD into account at all times, I would DAYTRADE this stock regardless, this actually is on LONG and SHORT watch here as the price continues to hang out way up high with no volume, now if volume can come in (maybe from news) this could run again-to the upside WATCH FOR BREAK OF $1.80 --> $2.00 initial PT followed by possibly $2.25 if massive volume surge comes in, other than that I am leaning more towards the SHORT side here, if volume does NOT return to the stock it will dip like it has been doing but it won't bounce back so use caution

Possible "Proper Setup" Tickers

· $AUPH 
· $NAK
· $NKTR  
· $IGC
· $TDW
· $MX  

Possible Swing Trade Tickers
· $KEM

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