4/6/17 WL

Always be aware of market upcoming events as the FED minutes today sent the markets on a massive reversal.  When day trading and the proper setups are not there DO NOT FORCE trades!  As bad as we want to make money we must stay patient and wait for proper setups as the next runner is just around the corner.  Keep losses small and ALWAYS TAKE PROFITS WHEN PRESENT!

· $PLUG    
FLOAT= 188.99M  
Great gap up today if you were already in the stock- had good news and has potential to continue higher but my gosh that float is just massive!  Traded 131million shares and after the gap up hardly moved.  Was mostly rangebound from $2-2.40 throughout the day.  Best to see $2.30 support hold, also supports at $2.20, and must hold support level at $2.00 otherwise AVOID with the gap below this could drop.  To the upside very simple- WATCH FOR BREAK OF $2.40 (Big resistance) -->$2.50-2.60 initial PT, followed by gap fill PT $2.70 then $3.  Does have 19% short here- RSI 82 so this will need the massive volume to continue otherwise could bleed lower

· $NVCN     
FLOAT= 43.06M  
This stock has a decent chart pattern but just never seems to go on multi day runs.   Needs volume to continue increasing in order to do so.  Decent pop today on a slight volume increase-to the upside tomorrow WATCH FOR BREAK OF $1.85—>$2-2.10 initial resistance zone price targets; if this happens to clear $2.20 it is once again wide open to $2.50 then $3.00 but will need big volume, MacD crossing, RSI 60- so this one has great potential just needs to see that follow through day tomm

· $KNDI    
FLOAT= 33.83M  
 Has been on a downtrend recently and today closed over the 50SMA $4.06 for the first time in a two months.  Still has to battle with the downtrend resistance line, but has potential to possibly breakout if and only if volume can continue to increase.  The AVG DAILY VOL here is only 227,000 so this one trades very slow usually, but this is setting up for a potential nice reversal swing with the RSI only 56.  To the upside WATCH FOR BREAK OF 4.25 --> Knowing that if this can ever break and close over $4.40 the reversal will be confirmed and a proper setup signal given with the swing price target up at $4.80-5, the 200SMA is above at $5.30

This had a decent day today trying to push higher.  This one has my interest because it does have the ability to move very fast at times because of the very small float.  To the upside WATCH FOR BREAK OF $1.50-->$1.70-1.75 initial PT, clear that on big volume this can not only clear the 200 SMA above at $1.96 but also fill the gap there as well.  SUPERNOVA POTENTIAL if this can trade massive volume such as 4x the float, so worth having on a chart - trades slower intraday unless big volume comes in

· $WCST    
FLOAT= 16.78M  
This has a very nice trend and the chart looks amazing in a rising channel.  A very slow mover intraday and more of a swing trade instead of a day trade since the average daily volume is only 150,000.  Has had nice volume increases the last 3 days and the RSI is 72 so this will need increasing volume again if this wants higher continuation tomorrow; Regardless this gave a proper setup entry today breaking all resistance zones at $2.30 and $2.50ish, watch for those levels to become support moving forward and a potential "Red2Green" setup tomorrow possibly.  To the upside WATCH FOR BREAK OF $2.80-->$3.00 initial PT, clearing $3 and this opens up to $3.40 on vol

Possible "Proper Setup" Tickers
· $ZAIS - low float - needs volume but could be ready for a turn higher
· $TDW - watch for break of big resistance at $1.25
· $URRE - on watch (news AH)
· $EVI

· $BKJ
· $SXE
· $AU
· $HPE
· $VII

Possible Swing Trade Tickers
· $PLX 
· $GNW  
· $RNN