4/4/17 Watchlist

· $CYCC    
FLOAT= 3.75M  
Great day today and great job in chat from all our members, I did not get and alert until the “Proper Setup” massive yearly resistance at $6.00-held overnight only to watch this squeeze in the after hours session to $8.15 highs. Must RE-EVALUATE Tomorrow pre market- to see further upside it is best to see $8.00 resistance broken and then turn into support- WATCH FOR BREAK OF $8.15 -->$9 Initial PT, followed by $9.50 PT2 and ultimately because of the low float-if this gets massive volume tomorrow this will test $10.00 (psychological resistance), if this happens to get massive volume-with the positive news-low float, and short squeeze (10% of float short)- anything is possible if through $10.00- As far as support is concerned- strongest to see $7.50 support (which developed in after hours) hold pre market and tomorrow at the open, under $7.50 this has support at $7.00 and 6.50, imo $6.50 MUST HOLD level - anything under $6.50 and this will dip to $6.00 and is right back where it was. Best to daytrade only and take profits when present- *SUPERNOVA POTENTIAL*
· $MSTX     
FLOAT= 254.57M  
A very nice day today, broke $0.14 resistance and held it nearly the entire rest of the day. I bought the 0.14 resistance break and held overnight knowing to WATCH FOR BREAK OF $0.15 —>$0.1580 initial PT (not much resistance there) then all this would have to do is break 0.17 and it potentially can test 0.20; many times this stock does this and pops up only to trap and fall back lower. Does have potentially positive news coming of a reverse merger etc. Regardless I play the chart and support/resistance levels. This is not a stock you want to get stuck in and most likely I will look to lock in profits tomorrow regardless. UNDER 0.14 support IMO AVOID. I will give this a chance to break 0.15 and re-evaluate tomorrow
· $BCLI    
FLOAT= 16.20M  
Great day today- was able to break $4.75 resistance and pierce $5.00 but did not close over it - chart pattern looks fantastic and today had a beautiful volume pop- to the upside WATCH FOR BREAK OF $5.10 --> $5.50 possible if big volume can continue into tomorrow- if $4.75 breaks tomorrow and holds as support this remains bullish moving forward-potential swing trade as well-RSI 68
· $RNN   
FLOAT= 230.21M  
This has a beautiful trend and I really like this daily chart.  Was alerted in chat today as a "Proper Setup" breaking and clearing the recent resistance range at 0.53- also broke 0.56 resistance as well on a nice volume increase- to the upside WATCH FOR BREAK OF $0.58/.5850-->0.60 Initial PT, followed by $0.64-0.65, potential swing as well as long as this never closes under 0.55 moving forward 
· $CALI    
FLOAT= 2.39M  
This has "China" in the name of the stock so I just want to be clear here - these stocks are often straight pump and dumps and **DAYTRADE ONLY** - very very low micro float so can explode with volume-massive decline as of lately but after moving sideways this finally popped today- WATCH FOR BREAK OF $2.00-->$2.20 initial PT, clear that PT2=$2.40, if massive volume this can really supernova fast to 50SMA $2.71; please be careful here as this stock is very high risk and trades slow because of the micro float
Possible "Proper Setup" Tickers
· $ZAIS - low float - needs volume but could be ready for a turn higher
· $TDW - watch for break of big resistance at $1.25

· $HPJ

· $JOB
· $NH
· $HPE - watch for possible bounce

Possible Swing Trade Tickers
· $HOS - looks great! wants higher! break and close over $4.50--> $5 PT
· $PLX - beautiful uptrend - trades slow but a great swing and trend!
· $OVAS - watch for a break and close over $2.00-this one looks ready for $2.20!
· $ACHN - wants $4.75 PT with a volume increase - stay over the 50SMA this is solid
· $SPWR - bottom reversal swing play in affect looking for $6.50-6.75 and a short squeeze!
· $ALQA - now in the gap zone, watch for break of 0.52--> 0.58 PT
· $GNW - watch for break of $4.20--> $4.40 PT