3/28/2017 Watchlist


Just a reminder our $1,000 SWING TRADE CHALLENGE has started today!  Very excited about this and please if you are not currently a member simply joining for even a 7 day trial will give you access to the trade alerts for this swing challenge!

FLOAT= 12.84M  
This is clearly a low float pump-look at the daily avg volume, only 27,000!  Regardless this made an EXPLOSIVE MOVE today and will not only be on watch for tomorrow but for the next 1-2 weeks.  I love the weekly chart here and even the daily chart is only RSI 67!  This broke and closed above all resistance on the daily chart ($9, $9.20, and $9.40).  The only resistance left is on the weekly chart 200 SMA $10.31, so WATCH FOR BREAK OF $9.90 --> knowing that if this breaks $10 and then $10.31--> $12 PT, this can see massive upside potential IF THIS SEES EVEN BIGGER VOLUME AGAIN TOMORROW (i.e. 1mil+); today traded only- could be a possible "Red2Green" tomorrow, look for $9.00 SUPPORT TO HOLD, best to day trade only

· $ARLZ     
FLOAT= 52.58M  
Fantastic chart setup here as a bottom reversal has been trying to develop lately, RSI just came out from under 30, the MacD has just crossed so this may be ready to pop higher, I get very interested with a BREAK AND CLOSE ABOVE $2.75, for now to see upside tomorrow - WATCH FOR BREAK OF $2.45-2.50 --> $2.75 Initial PT, this is a possible swing bottom reversal play as well, break and close over $2.75 I become interested because the next resistance levels are $3.00, 3.10, 3.25; and a GAP FILL PT of $3.45 above, this has been getting decent volume lately down here with good support around $2.25ish, so if the volume can really start to increase this can start moving higher

FLOAT= 3.14M  
This stock had an explosive move today breaking all resistance levels closing at all time highs, best to day trade only and please use extreme caution as this stock has a micro small float and often will have a large BID/ASK spread, watch volume closely but if this can do more than 9mil in volume tomorrow this will run again, to the upside  WATCH FOR BREAK OF $11.69 (daily resistance from today) -->$13.50 INITIAL PT, I just want to be clear if this can break $13.50 tomorrow on over 10 million shares traded let alone if it can do 20 million shares it will go to $20+, a must watch stock for the next week regardless what it does today.  Anytime a stock moves from $6 to $13+ , it costs me nothing to keep it on a chart and must remain on watch for up to 2 weeks as this can happen again - trade safe and take profits when present and watch volume closely

· $IPXL   
FLOAT= 69.38M  
This had a fantastic day today slowly grinding higher after news of a new CEO was announced pre market, although this chart is on a longer term downtrend, this could be the start to a reversal here and more positive news to come, I actually really like the recent chart history, today this had a beautiful volume pop and if that volume can continue this could see further upside tomorrow WATCH FOR BREAK OF $13.00 --> $13.65 GAP FILL INITIAL PT, if this happens to clear $13.65 the next PT becomes $15.00 on big volume, now even if this Does NOT go green again tomorrow it remains on watch and is a possible swing trade.  Support at $12.50 (best to hold there) otherwise more support at $12.00 and $11.80 50 SMA (anything under 11.80 I would avoid and move on), -this could see a "Red2Green" tomorrow with a dip to $12.45 support at the open, re-evaluate pre market, held overnight so locking in profits from entries in the $11's is never a bad decision, otherwise this could just see a "Quiet Inside Day" tomorrow with a tight range and much less volume - in which case I would just hold again as sometimes we see volume return the following day and see a 3rd day pop-lets see how it trades tomorrow and discuss in chat our next move here

FLOAT= 32.36M  
This has been a great trade for all our members who took "@Khy's" alert at $1.65 as this hit over $2.00 today, I like the chart very much, the only thing I do not like is how this tends to trade intraday-often very slow and then burst of volume pop it up and then it drops lower-regardless BEAUTIFUL CHART HERE with massive potential because of the gap fill zone above, more of a SWING TRADE rather than a DAYTRADE though- for upside tomorrow WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $2.05 --> $2.28 INITIAL PT, clear $2.28 and this will enter the gap fill zone above, if this can see more increasing volume days I become very interested especially with a close over $2.28; the price target would become $2.96 gap fill PT

Possible "Proper Setup" Tickers
- watch for break of $1.50, can pop to 1.80 PT but needs VOLUME INCREASE!
· $BNTC - watch for break of $3.00, can pop to 3.25 PT1 and then 3.50-3.75 PT2 NEEDS VOLUME!
· $FOMX - strong watch for a dead cat bounce and break of $5.44
· $SCON  - ER tomorrow
- short watch  

· $WAC 

· $GBR


Possible Swing Trade Tickers

· $TGTX - wow! I am really liking this chart! After a "breakaway gap" and run from $9 to $15 this retraced nearly 50% and finally found buyers under $11 after 6 red days lower, RSI 59, the MacD did cross down tho-finally did see its first small green day Friday, must see a volume increase but remains on strong watch for a possible entry, break $12 and this can move to $13 initial PT
· $NAKD - ER was moved to 4/5/- deal expected to close in early April could see more upside

· $HOS