3/24/2017 Watchlist


FLOAT= 4.25M  
This stock has a micro float and has been extremely volatile the past two days after getting news after hours the other day which started this supernova.  Extremely high risk and DAY TRADE ONLY.  **NOTE- This can have an offering at anytime so please be cautious** Do not get stuck in this stock if you decide to take a trade, congrats to all who took the risk and got in and out with profits.  Massive short squeeze after hours breaking 5 year resistance at $6.00, anything is possible but if this can break $6.00 during regular market hours and turn that level into support, really from a chart standpoint this can run to $10, break $10 (psychological resistance) this really does not have any resistance until $12.00; by no means am I saying this will go to $12 but it is possible, because of the low micro small float this stock does not follow typical technical analysis and truthfully there is no rhyme or reason or way to know that when the news was realeased initially at $2 that this would run to $6.50 or more, if you made profit here - pat yourself on the back and do not give those profits back, and if you missed it; no need to worry there is always another opportunity around the corner 
Intraday - After Hours

· $OVAS     
FLOAT= 32.36M  
Fantastic chart setup here for a swing trade, has moved from 1.30-1.40 to 1.70+ in about a week but I really like the chart setup and all TA is very bullish, still appears to be "lower risk" knowing that if this can break $2 and $2.20 above this has a possible gap fill to $3.00; now I'm not saying this will go to $3.00 but anything is possible, volume must start to increase for a nice run to occur.  RSI is only 60, and truthfully I'm comfortable swinging this as long as the price stays above the $1.54 50 SMA, if volume can increase, WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $1.85 (highest point/resistance of this consolidation range)-->$2 INITIAL PT, knowing that if $2.00 can break on volume and an RSI of only 60 this has plenty of room to run, $2.28 would be the next PT if break $2.00.  If this can ever clear $2.28 this would enter the gap fill zone and a blue sky breakout with no resistance above until $3.00 gap fill PT, ill look to start a position on a dip at or around 1.60ish

· $RIGL     
FLOAT= 122.15M  
This stock has been on watch over a week now for the $3.00 resistance break which finally triggered today closing at $3.05, with an RSI only at 62 this still has plenty of room to the upside.  WATCH FOR BREAK OF $3.10 -->$3.30-3.35 initial PT but clear $3.35 on nice increasing volume this can potentially run to $4.00, potential short term swing trade in play as well, we want to se $3.00 (was big resistance)turn into support and hold moving forward (especially for daily closing prices)

· $VSR    
FLOAT= 8.8M  
WOWZERS! What a nice day today this had out of nowhere on a massive volume increase! Now the RSI is extremely high up at 88 which makes this a game of hot potato.  Please day trade only here as this is very high risk with the low float as well.  Seems that with the overall markets stuck in the mud many low floats have been running lately, only way this can move higher tomorrow is with another great increasing volume day, WATCH FOR BREAK OF $2.00 -->$2.14 initial PT, clear that and this can move/squeeze to $2.50 (GAP FILL PT) on big volume, very dangerous please do not get stuck in this stock as low float are truly unpredictable as we all saw with $HTGM

FLOAT= 44.89M  
This one had a beautiful day today with a Proper Setup breakout through resistance, the RSI is 84, so this getting risky.  Must hold $3.50 support at all times otherwise avoid completely, closed way up at $3.95, so to the upside WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $4.00 --> $4.26, clear $4.26 on massive volume and this can go to $4.75 GAP FILL PT above.  Best to day trade only - take profits when present and do not get stuck here - high risk because of the RSI nearly 90

Possible "Proper Setup" Tickers

· $VNCE  
· $NKTR  

Possible Swing Trade Tickers
· $HOS

· $ENZ