How To Start Trading Bitcoin / CryptoCurrencies 

Step 1.  Create an account on 

Step 2.  Buy LITECOIN (LTC) *Note - Using a CREDIT CARD would give you funds IMMEDIATELY (slightly higher deposit fee); if you use bank account takes weeks

Step 3.  Create an account on (or any other crypto broker but Binance is preferred) 

Use this link

Step 4.  Find your LITECOIN (LTC) Deposit Address on (FUNDS-->Deposits/Withdrawls---> LTC)

Step 5. ---> SEND LITECOIN (LTC) to  ---> LTC Wallet - CLICK SEND and enter LTC address

Step 6.  Wait approximately 15 minutes for the transaction to complete and funds will arrive in 

Once the LTC appears in you will see it listed here under Available Balance for LTC

Step 7. --> EXCHANGE--> BASIC-->Click USDT trade tab-->  LTC/USDT --> SELL LITECOIN (LTC) 

*You now have USDT (or cash basically)


Step 9. --> EXCHANGE--> BASIC (or ADVANCED) Click BTC trade pairs

Step 10. Trade any alt coins or crypto currencies you would like using the bitcoin you now own (i.e. XRP/BTC, XVG/BTC)

*NOTE - just remember - lets say you buy VIBE/BTC ... when you sell VIBE you are now BACK IN BITCOIN (BTC) ... if you want to go to cash again you must go to BTC/USDT and click sell (now your balance will not fluctuate with the price of bitcoin)