• What is PTTTTP?
PTTTTP stands for Plan The Trade, Trade The Plan.  Every trade we make we make a plan and follow that plan including an entry and exit strategy using support/resistance.  This is where the abbreviation comes from.  We do this on every single trade we make as a trade without a plan does not have a high success rate.
  • With so many chat room services out there, Why should I join PlanTheTrade.NET?
You should join our team because our expert traders including "Red2Green_OnlyTakes1" go above and beyond each and every day to help each and every member.  We answer questions immediately during market hours and never leave members hanging waiting for a response.  We created PlanTheTrade.NET with one goal in mind- to help every single member SUCCEED and become the best trader possible.  We also created PlanTheTrade.net to be the most affordable, best quality trading community available allowing all traders to be able to afford to invest in their future and gain the knowledge needed to become a consistent, winning trader.  
  • Can I know more about the CEO of PlanTheTrade.NET?
I rely heavily on charting and technical analysis.  After all, the "language" of stocks is charting.  No matter who they are, NOONE knows what a stock will do on any given day, therefore we can use charts and chart patterns to allow us to predict what a stock may do in the near and long term future.  With support and resistance being the foundation of all technical analysis along with volume and momentum, some of my absolute favorite indicators are RSI, VWAP, MacD, Accum/Distrib, StoichRSI, CMF, ADX +DI/-DI. After 20 years of studying the markets and trading every single day, many costly mistakes were made when I first started trading and I feel that NOONE should ever have to learn the hard way like I did.  By teaching my trading methods to each member, you can learn a consistent, proven trading strategy that works without losing tons of your hard earned money.  Join the team and learn from the mistakes that I have made getting to where I am today.  I consider myself a mentor to each and every member and take great pride in the fact that I can see our members growing and becoming fantastic traders each and every day.  

  • Do you invest money directly and trade for members as a service and/or are you an investment firm?
No we do not invest money directly and or trade for our members.  All members must always do their own DD (due diligence) before investing.  We alert stocks that are moving and notify our members of trades that we are taking ourselves which may or may not breakout for massive gains.  In the end, it is always the members decision to buy or sell a stock when they choose to.  We are not an investment firm and only try to guide and help members succeed above all else.
  • So I signed up for ELITE MONTHLY membership access can I apply these payments to an upgrade to YEARLY  membership?
YES.  For up to a full THREE (3) month period if you decide to upgrade from an ELITE  monthly plan to a GOLD yearly plan you may apply the 3 months worth of payments you have already made to the new membership access plan and you will only have to pay the difference.  After 3 months have gone by those payments can no longer be applied to ANY future membership upgrades.
  • Can I cancel my membership at any time and can I get a refund?
You may cancel your membership at any time yes.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer any refunds for membership access fees that have been paid.  If you are a monthly  ELITE member you may 'UNSUBSCRIBE' from your re-occuring monthly payment at anytime but you must unsubscribe BEFORE the next month payment is deducted otherwise you will not be able to get a refund and another month of service will still be active.  If you are a GOLD yearly or 'limited' LIFETIME PLATINUM member and decide to stop using our website you cannot get a refund.  
  • Do you offer membership discounts or referral promotions?
From time to time, we will have promotional discounts and specials offered on certain membership access plans.  We do have a refer a friend program which you can find the details about in our chat room once you join.  By referring members to TEAM PTTTTP you can earn free month(s) of membership access, as well as win Free TEAM PTTTTP gear such as tee shirts and or coffee mugs.
  • What kind of memberships are offered?
We offer various plans of membership access including a FREE 14 day trial.   Please see http://www.planthetrade.net/jointeampttttp for more details or join our Discord chatroom as well  https://discord.gg/3y8uswC

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