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✔ Learn the Stock Market
✔ 100 Years+ of Combined Analyst Exp.
✔ Live Market Analysis & Trade Ideas
✔ Discord & Mobile Text Alerts
✔ Private 1:1 Coaching Available
✔ Daytrading, SwingTrading, Investing
✔ Options, Stocks, Pennystocks, Crypto

5 Trading Day Trial

$10.00/one time fee

  • Chatroom Access
  • Discord Trading Alerts
  • Watchlist
  • Strong Watch 
  • Daytrade Alerts
  • Swingtrade Alerts
  • Options Alerts


$99.99/mo subscription

  • Watchlist & Trade Ideas
  • Daytrade Alerts
  • Swingtrade Alerts
  • Options Alerts


$249.99/mo subscription

  • Full Chatroom Access
  • Discord Trading Alerts
  • Mobile Text Alerts
  • Watchlist
  • Strong Watch
  • Daytrade Alerts
  • Swingtrade Alerts
  • Options Alerts
  • Private Coaching
  • 1:1 Lessons w/ Analyst(s)
  • Live Analysis + News
  • Options Flow Data
  • Sweeps, Block Trades
  • Video Lessons
  • Educational Training


✔ Learn the market basics in ~30 days
✔ Take your trading to the next level
✔ Become consistently profitable
✔ Learn trading techniques that work
✔ Avg. Daytrade takes 10 min or less


✔ Access using mobile device or PC
✔ Over 30 different chatroom channels
✔ Real time charting, analysis, and news
✔ FinViz, Stockcharts, and Blackbox
✔ Real time buy/sell mobile text alerts


Members that have improved their trading over time have an opportunity to move up to Moderator or Trading Analyst.

This member started off  with very little experience and after LIFETIME membership & 1:1 coaching and mentorship, has made improvements that have forever changed his life!

tsla Dropz - PTTTTP Analyst


✔ We continue to produce highly successful and profitable day-traders, swing-traders, investors and options traders!
✔ Using proven trading strategies, we teach our members to consistently profit over time and any skill level can use our methods including brand new traders with zero experience!
✔ Busy schedule? Not a problem; the community is always discussing the hottest and latest market news stories and events throughout each trading day! 

This Lifetime member turned $2,492 into $68,000+ in only 5 trading sessions!
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