4/3/17 Watchlist


FLOAT= 3.37  
My first instinct when I saw the news drop after hours was to avoid because of the past history of the chart and the daily average volume is only 8,000 shares- but I was clearly wrong after Friday's action this must remain on watch- I did take a day trade in this Friday making nearly $700 in 30 minutes but it was very high risk.  IMO regardless of the news this is clearly a pump, please do not get stuck in this stock when it dumps because when volume ends here by the end of this week it will dump leaving many bag holding worthless shares.  It could continue higher sure but when volume leaves this stock it will trade terrible.  This has a very low float and is very high risk-if you watched it trade Friday you know the potential it has and can move violently in either direction without notice, just please be cautious is all I am saying- if you do take a trade here get in and out and take profits when present, To the upside- WATCH FOR BREAK OF $11.25  -->$12 initial PT, if this does break $12 on massive volume again this has supernova potential PT1=$15, PT2= $20- best to **DAYTRADE ONLY** 

FLOAT= 12.83M  
Intraday Chart-looks good Friday power hour 
A fantastic power hour Friday due to news intraday  - another stock that trades nearly nothing with an AVG DAILY VOL of only 13,452 shares all of a sudden gets pumped and because of the low float big volume easily moves the stock, had a nice daily candle because of power hour Friday - prior to that the stock looked terrible, will remain on watch for potential upside-  WATCH FOR BREAK OF $6.00  -->$6.20 initial PT but know that if this does break $6.20 on massive volume this can take off because of the low float, clear $7 on big volume this can easily move to $10.00 but volume is key otherwise avoid.  Resistance levels (price targets) marked on the chart below.  Again this is best to **DAYTRADE ONLY** you do not want to get stuck in this stock, in and out for profits is the way to go-once volume leaves the stock good luck trying to get out on 13,452 shares traded, but I will say that if this can break $6.00 and hold as support I like it moving forward but the RSI is 88 so volume is everything here

· $DRNA     
FLOAT= 20.4M  
Great day Friday on a nice volume increase, to the upside I tell you right now this has the "Proper Setup" potential- WATCH FOR BREAK OF $3.50 --> $4-4.50PT.  A break and close over $3.50 is a proper setup entry here which would clear months of resistance making the way clear to $4.00-4.50 if volume can continue.  RSI is 70 and after a massive volume day Friday this may need to come in a bit, consolidating.  Even if this does not break $3.50 tomorrow this must remain on watch for time to come, eventually this will break $3.50 and it will move over $4.00; I have set an alert at $3.51 this way preventing me from missing the move.  The 200 SMA at $3.29 would make this chart the strongest if that could hold as support, if it does not hold $3.00 must hold otherwise it will dip further.  Potential swing trade here as well.

· $ENPH   
FLOAT= 64.91M  
This has the potential for a great swing trade here and will remain on my swing WL for time to come.  This is in the energy sector so of course trades best if Oil is on uptrend.  What has me so interested is to WATCH FOR BREAK OF $1.40 (was support/now massive resistance)-->Knowing that if this can get through the 50/200 SMAs above $1.50ish this can move higher on increasing volume and fill the gap to $1.73 Initial PT and potential test/break the resistance up at $2.00.

· $SSI    
FLOAT= 24M  
This stock had a great few days recently breaking through the 50SMA $2.39 on a nice volume pop.  Watching for continuation again tomorrow -WATCH FOR BREAK OF $2.60-->$2.80 PT, clear $2.80 on increasing volume tomorrow and this can really surge higher, potential swing trade- trades slower, Clear $2.75 I become very interested with a GAP FILL PT of $3.00

Possible "Proper Setup" Tickers
· $ZAIS - low float - needs volume but could be ready for a turn higher
· $WAC - watch for break of $1.10 
· $TDW - watch for break of big resistance at $1.25
· $CIE - watch for break of $0.58-0.60 --> 0.72 PT initially



Possible Swing Trade Tickers

· $HOS - looks great! wants higher! break and close over $4.50--> $5 PT
· $PLX - beautiful uptrend - trades slow but a great swing and trend!
· $OVAS - watch for a break and close over $2.00-this one looks ready for $2.20!
· $ACHN - wants $4.75 PT with a volume increase - stay over the 50SMA this is solid
· $SPWR - bottom reversal swing play in affect looking for $6.50-6.75 and a short squeeze!
· $ALQA - now in the gap zone, watch for break of 0.52--> 0.58 PT



· $GST