3/29/17 Watchlist


NOTE*- it appears since last weeks market turmoil and health care news that randomly all low float stocks have been the day trade winners and have all been popping and running.  I just want to be clear that LOW FLOAT STOCKS i.e. float < 10million ARE VERY HIGH RISK and are not for unexperienced day traders only because LOW FLOAT stocks often have a huge BID/ASK spread and it is very very easy to get stuck and be down in the trade immediately, all I'm saying is to please use caution when trading a low float stock - we never want to be stuck in any stocks (keep losses small) but especially NOT low float stocks- as volume leaves the stock they will only bleed lower and lower so please trade safe, trade smart, and take profits when present #TeamPTTTTP

FLOAT= 6.85M  
This stock had an explosive day today, although it really has never run 2 days green in a row for all of 2017, the days it has a big green candle like today it is often followed by higher prices even though it sells off heavy the next day.  Back in January this ran from $2 to $6 then the next day short squeezed pre market and gapped up and ran to $16!  In February this ran from $3 to $5 and hit $7 the next day even though it closed red, regardless this is a super small float; after today's biggest volume day in the history of the stock I took a very risky overnight hold position here, regardless I can see this gapping up tomorrow, but volume will be a must, re-evaluate pre market  WATCH FOR BREAK OF $5 -->$5.63 200 SMA initial PT, knowing that if this clears $6 resistance $7 becomes the PT, if this gets massive volume again tomorrow and happens to break $7 this can basically do as it pleases running anywhere from $10 to $16 as shorts will be squeezed into oblivion, very risky and best to day trade only and take profits when present, do not get stuck here

FLOAT= 0.92M  
Just an amazing day today alerted in chat to all members at $9.55 entry! Hit HOD $18.88 about 30-40 minutes later!  All things considered this micro small float of only 920,000K held up very well today showing strong support at $14ish, this could see continued upside tomorrow if the massive volume returns so it will remain on watch even into next week as well, tomorrow  WATCH FOR BREAK OF $17 --> $18-18.88 initial PT range knowing that if this clears $18.88 on volume it can squeeze higher testing $20 (psychological resistance) and then test the next resistance target up at $22; if this sees low volume tomorrow if could test support again at $14 and may just see a quiet inside day, under $14 and this is an AVOID/SHORT as it will fall fast to $10, day trade only and use caution as low float stocks are very hard to trade and easy to get stuck in

FLOAT= 8.97M  
This seems to be a trend lately with low floats running and getting volume lately, regardless this had a huge day today on a nice volume increase, closed very strong end of day so even though the RSI is 86 this stock can continue higher so WATCH FOR BREAK OF $5.00  -->$5.50 PT, this must have volume tomorrow if it wants to continue higher as the avg daily volume is only 77,000 this traded close to 1 mil today, tomorrow if this can trade much higher volume it may run past $5.50, day trade only-most likely I will not be trading this one but the chart is very nice

· $WAC   
FLOAT= 34.28M  
This stock has had a brutal downtrend lately but with 10% short float and a nice 3 days green in a row the RSI is trying to poke out from under 30 for the first time and a "V" bottom reversal has now been confirmed with today's close over $1, held overnight-tomorrow ill be looking for volume to increase again- WATCH FOR BREAK OF $1.07 --> $1.15 initial PT, clear $1.25 on massive volume and this can run to $1.50

FLOAT= 6.13M  
This low float saw a massive gap up and run today, was not able to close over the 200SMA at $2.37 closing at $2.35, regardless because of the massive volume this stock that normally trades 72,000 shares daily must remain on watch tomorrow and the rest of the week,  WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $2.40 --> $2.90 initial PT, clear $2.90 on another big volume day this can run to $3.50
Day trade only

Possible "Proper Setup" Tickers


· $ZSAN 
· $CBR
· $CERU 

· $GBR


Possible Swing Trade Tickers

· $TGTX -  break $12 and this can move to $13 initial PT
· $NAKD - ER was moved to 4/5/- deal expected to close in early April could see more upside

· $HOS


· $PLX