3/27/2017 Watchlist


Just a reminder our $1,000 SWING TRADE CHALLENGE kicks off tomorrow!  Very excited about this and please if you are not currently a member simply joining for even a 7 day trial will give you access to the trade alerts for this challenge! 

FLOAT= 4.25M  
This stock has been a crazy rollercoaster ride.  I strongly urge you to take profits when present as this stock is VERY HIGH RISK, please do not get stuck trying to trade this stock.  Honestly, it is only on my WL because of the micro small float and its ability to move very fast-VOLUME WILL BE KEY HERE! If volume does not return to the stock (i.e.40mil+) This will do the same as all other recent LOW FLOAT RUNNERS...BLEED LOWER AND LOWER SLOWLY BUT SURELY TRAPPING AND FLEECING MORE INNOCENT SHEEP (Please DO NOT let that be you)...regardless with that being said, if and a big IF, this can get back over $10.00 and hold that level as support, WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $11.00 --> $13.25 PT, if this happens to gap up or get massive volume again tomorrow and breaks $13.25 at any point this is wide open and on massive volume can honestly continue squeezing to PT $20.00, again this is very high risk and at this point with the RSI at 89 I believe this will fall apart without notice at some point so please if you are in this stock or plan to daytrade this stock use extreme caution and always use stop losses! I will most likely NOT be touching this stock again unless $13.25 happens to break Monday  

· $BLPH     
FLOAT= 28.69M  
Fantastic chart setup here with a beautiful wedge forming...honestly all this needs is another nice volume pop and this can move higher, WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $1.40-1.45--> with the INITIAL PT $1.60-1.70, the RSI is 51 and this had a very slight volume pop on Friday, if this can get some continuation and continues to see increasing volume it will move up to test $1.70 big resistance, ever break $1.70 resistance and this will move to $2.00 and re test those recent highs.  Otherwise this may just pop to $1.70 and complete the head and shoulders pattern and will fall back down to $1.25 200 SMA where that will be a make or break point, as long as this stays over the massive support this has had the last month and a half at $1.25 I am interested in this chart and it will remain on watch for time to come, 50SMA $1.07 continues to climb and this will see a "GOLDEN CROSS" soon=very bullish for the future 

· $RIGL     
FLOAT= 122.15M  
This stock was on watch into Friday and will remain on swing trade watch as $3.00 resistance break which finally triggered Thursday (closing at $3.05), turned into support now at $3.00, with an RSI only at 64 this still has plenty of room to the upside.  WATCH FOR BREAK OF $3.20 -->$3.30-3.35 initial PT but clear $3.35 on nice increasing volume this can potentially run to $4.00, potential short term swing trade in play as well, we want to se $3.00 (what was big resistance)continue to hold as support now moving forward (especially for daily closing prices), volume has increased two days in a row now and if this can see 2mil+ Monday and break that $3.40 resistance this could see a beautiful 3 day run on high volume continuation

· $SPHS    
FLOAT= 30.06M  
The big volume Friday as me somewhat interested, just have to be careful bc of the gap up, basically if this ever goes under the 50SMA $2.73 AVOID IMO, this does have great potential with the RSI only 62 and a nice size float this can move nicely at times when it sees big volume for days at a time, WATCH FOR BREAK OF $2.95 --> knowing that if it gets thru the 200SMA $3.03 this is looking good to break $3.10 (small resistance) with the PT at $3.20-3.25, if this ever clears $3.30 it can make its way back up to $4.00, if and once the 200SMA breaks and closes above $3.03 we want to see that level turn into support and hold moving forward, leaving that gap down at $2.60 behind

· $GBR
FLOAT= 1.95M  
I am familiar with this stock as I have traded it in the past, can have explosive moves/runs at times because of the micro float, you have to keep in mind that all low floats were running last week because of sympathy plays to HTGM but regardless, this spiked nicely to $2.00 although it did close well off the session highs it still did manage to close over the 50SMA $1.55, this traded 1.6mil on Friday and MUST SEE INCREASING VOLUME tomorrow if this wants to move and continue higher,   WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $1.78 --> $2.00 INITIAL PT, but if the can break above $2.00 on high volume this may want to test the 200SMA above at $2.39, clearing that would send it to $2.60 BIG RESISTANCE target, RSI 62 so really if HTGM runs again tomorrow this as well as all other low floats will most likely see upside as well, THIS IS HIGH RISK and best to DAYTRADE ONLY at this point, use caution and always use STOP LOSSES on low float stocks or avoid completely if unexperienced as these often trade with a large BID/ASK spread and can be hard to read direction

Possible "Proper Setup" Tickers
- watch for break of $1.50, can pop to 1.80 PT but needs VOLUME INCREASE!
· $BNTC - watch for break of $3.00, can pop to 3.25 PT1 and then 3.50-3.75 PT2 NEEDS VOLUME!


· $PLSB - OTC stock

Possible Swing Trade Tickers
· $RGLS - watch for a break of $1.55 and this will RE-ENTER the GAP ZONE! can move to $2.00 PT and GAP FILL PT $2.20 if big volume can continue, RSI only 57
· $TGTX - wow! I am really liking this chart! After a "breakaway gap" and run from $9 to $15 this retraced nearly 50% and finally found buyers under $11 after 6 red days lower, RSI 59, the MacD did cross down tho-finally did see its first small green day Friday, must see a volume increase but remains on strong watch for a possible entry, break $12 and this can move to $13 initial PT
· $NAKD - even after ER this remains on strong watch with a deal expected to close in early April

· $HOS

· $CUR