3/23/2017 Watchlist


Please use caution when daytrading as the current market conditions have made small cap stocks very tricky to trade as of late with many stocks breaking resistance and faking out dropping instantly.  It is very important to not force trades and keep emotions out of trading.  It is very hard to stay patient but there is nothing wrong with taking a break from day trading and using these days to STUDY and prepare for future trades- always take profits when present.

FLOAT= 4.25M  
News after hours sent this micro float much higher, I saw it right as the news was announced but at the time it looked like no volume and I normally do not like buying after hours, congrats to anyone who did get in-if I was in I would take profits immediately as they have ER tomorrow after market close I believe (*not confirmed).  I was surprised to see how much this climbed after hours but it was most likely just a short squeeze.  I most likely will not chase this now, did clear resistance at $3.25 which must hold tomorrow otherwise if it drops under $3.00 I would AVOID completely.  If this happens to get big volume tomorrow, because of the micro small float, WATCH FOR BREAK OF AFTER HOURS HOD $3.80 --> $4.00 PT, clear $4 and it could squeeze to $4.50 on big volume, daytrade only imo and take profits when present

· $MBRX     
FLOAT= 8.79M  
Fantastic day today (even though it closed off the highs) with news in the morning, traded on huge volume toady and if that can continue tomorrow this could see continuation-otherwise this could have a quiet inside day on low volume, consolidating between $1.25-1.40,  Low float so volume will be key to see any further upside.  Trades slower intraday, will be very important to break resistance tomorrow, WATCH FOR BREAK OF $1.40 --> knowing that if this can break the 50SMA above at $1.56 this has enormous potential because of the low float could run to PT1 $1.70, clear that on big volume and $2.00 is possible.  I did hold overnight but will be cutting this one quick if it drops on no volume

· $NSPR     
FLOAT= 1.29M  
This stock has a micro small float and the chart looks appealing, appears to have bottom finding buyers just under $1.00, if this breaks below $1.00 support I would avoid.  Traded 2.4Mil today so if that volume can continue this could see further upside, the RSI is over 30 for the first time since the gap down and the MacD looks like it may want to cross soon.  WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $1.10 -->the initial PT is only $1.19 but knowing that if this can see increasing volume again tomorrow and breaks $1.20 -->$1.35 becomes the PT, if this ever clears $1.35 it will enter to gap fill zone and is free to climb to $2.00 if it wanted to on big volume.  Trades very slow intraday and can be looked at as a swing trade as long as support holds from the V bottom reversal that is trying to develop.  I would really like to see this trade 5mil+ and it can get moving much quicker

· $VNCE    
FLOAT= 48.77M  
Earnings are coming up March 28th Before Market Hours, after a brutal downtrend this possibly has confirmed a reversal pattern today with its second green day in a row.  I will say that even though the daily chart looks great, this stock trades extremely slow the past two days with no action or volume until the final 15 minutes before the close where it has popped both times.  Regardless it costs me nothing to have on a chart.  If volume can pick up this one may head higher.  WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $2.10  -->$2.31 50 SMA initial PT, if this happens to start getting increasing volume and clears the 50SMA this could head higher to $2.50-2.75 with earnings coming up, possible bottom short term swing setting up

FLOAT= 127.52M  
This one continues to surprise me, after releasing recent news about two weeks ago over $2.00 I avoided the stock as it fell to the 200SMA at $1.77, now a week later it has gapped up and run to over $2.50, very impressive move.  Today it had its biggest volume in a long while and that has my attention, if the big volume can continue (absolutely must because of the massive size float) and an RSI over 70, will be watch tomorrow for continuation.  WATCH FOR A BREAK OF $2.54 --> $2.75 initial PT, clear that and $3.00 can be tested on big volume.  I would day trade only from this current level, I will say the the 50SMA and 200SMA are lining up for a Golden Cross which can be very bullish so this may be a possible good short term swing a drop back to support around $2.00-2.25

Possible "Proper Setup" Tickers

· $PULM  
· $VSTM 
· $RBCN 
· $CPSH 
· $XGTI 
· $NKTR  
· $UVXY 
· $MX
· $TGTX 

Possible Swing Trade Tickers
· $KEM

· $ENZ